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The hourglass shape is making a quiet resurgence. The truth however, is that it never really went away. It was only overtaken by the sudden craze for the model type figure. For years, the hourglass figure portrayed by the coke bottle representing a full bust, small waist and a large backside has been the classic figure to aspire to

We look at the things that make the curvy hourglass shape so sexy

The ‘’fit’’ advantage 

Ladies with the hourglass shape combined with well-tailored clothes to accentuate their figure are winners every time. It also comes with the bonus of being able to fill out large clothes which might appear unappealing at first but come to life due to your unique figure.

Clothes that show your best features like the pencil skirt are very easy to pull off because of their peculiarities. The pencil skirt when worn hugs the small defining waist and creates an irresistible downward curve.  Swimwear also comes to life with the hourglass figure making you the center of attraction when you decide to seek out the sun.

Curvy is healthy

The hourglass shape unknown to many is a pointer to a healthy lifestyle. The small defined waist is an indication of a trim belly devoid of unhealthy stomach fat which serves as an early warning for obesity. Abdominal obesity is also a risk factor for diabetes and ovarian cancer.

High levels of oestrogen: the hormone responsible for female fertility has been attributed to women with the hourglass shape. The presence of this hormone has been linked to higher child birth rates and better reproductive health. Even when you gain weight, the weight gain is evenly distributed contributing to a fuller figure without unbalanced excesses.

Grab attention

Men are irresistibly attracted to the hourglass shape so get used to being the center of attraction with stares and compliments every day. A woman’s hip to waist ratio is usually among the first things a man assesses from across the other side of the room. The hourglass shape brings out these features in the most flattering of ways.

The role of natural supplements

The reasons to aspire to an hourglass shape are very compelling but of more importance is how you achieve it. Natural supplements present a healthy route towards your dream body instead of toxic injections and other unhealthy and harmful methods. They are sourced from the finest plants and herbs nature provides.

A key piece of the attractive hourglass shape is a firm butt that calls attention to your waist and other features. Booty Maxx helps you develop a bigger, firmer and sexier booty. Booty max pills work rapidly after oral administration. They help to stimulate muscle growth in different areas around your also enhances fat retention around the area.

 A key component of the Booty Max pill is Saw Palmetto Berry which is very important for the development of an hourglass shape. This is because it stimulates the effect of estrogen and enhances breast and butt size.  Fennel seed and Fenugreek seed extract contained in the product, are also natural enhancers of the size of the buttocks.

  Butt enlargement creams help to achieve a better appearance for the exterior of your butt. They get rid of stretch marks and cellulite light leaving you with a fuller and more appealing backside.

The hourglass figure is the queen among body shapes and anybody aspiring to achieve the shape deserves only the best. Booty Maxx products are prepared with the purest and finest herbs and plants mother nature has to offer leaving you with natural supplements that fit right into your queenly ambition.

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