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4 Tips for Best Results with Booty Maxx

Getting a larger and firmer backside means a lot to a woman. Not only does it gives you more options when picking a dress, but more importantly, it gives you more confidence in life. We all know that it is impractical to achieve that dream body shape overnight (even with the magical Booty Maxx!), but there is something we could do to make it happen sooner. 

Follow directions for Booty Maxx for a bigger butt!

1. Follow Directions               

 The first tip in getting the best results possible is to make sure you follow the directions. Take two capsules a day with water or with a meal, and use Booty Max cream twice a day, in the morning and at night. Keep in mind that do not get the applied area wet for at least 15 minutes so your body can absorb it completely. This is by far the most important measure to take as you will see results without doing anything additional, anything else you do will simply maximize your results.

Eat proper meals for a bigger butt!

2. Proper Meals 

Eating certain foods is not very effective in getting a bigger butt in itself, butt in combination with other methods (like Booty Maxx!) it certainly helps. So what foods should you be eating more of? A good place to start is eating certain meats like chicken, lean beef, and turkey because they are a great source of protein which is necessary for building a bigger butt. Proteins also encourage estrogen production, which is the hormone responsible for storing fat in your hips, thighs, and butt. Vegetables and fruits such as avocados and bananas are also good for building a bigger butt, for that they give your body vitamins and minerals, which are crucial to replenishing your hormones and growing new cells that help your butt get bigger.

Excercise can always help you get a bigger butt

3. Excercise

No one wants to workout, we get it. But with that said, if you DO workout you’ll be sure to get even better results because you’ll have the combined efforts of Booty Maxx and build glute muscles, which are another natural way to make your butt bigger. It’s important to remember that nothing legitimate works overnight - including Booty Maxx. Typically users begin seeing changes after 2-4 weeks, but results are much more noticeable in the 4-12 week range. The same can be said for exercise, you won’t see immediate results but if you stick with it consistently then you will gradually see results over time. Booty Maxx on top of bigger glutes means an even bigger butt.

4. Complementary Products

Booty Maxx also achieves better results when working with other supplements like waist trainer. While they won’t really do anything for your butt specifically, it can certainly help make it look bigger. When you put a waist trainer on, you automatically are given the coveted hourglass shape - i.e. a bigger bust, a tiny waist, and wide hips. Basically, the smaller your waist is the bigger your butt looks in comparison. You can also use waist trainers while working out to make your waist firmer over time, and they can also help with posture, give you back support, and can be useful if you need to do any form of heavy lifting.

A well-shaped butt is the source of confidence and will bring you much more joy in life. So give Booty Maxx a try and keep these 4 tips in mind. It’s never too late to be beautiful.


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Destiney Rios on

I read a lot reviews and people just thinking if they should even try the pills and the cream. That's how I was, I wanted to try it but I was afraid it may not work. I am glad I finally gave it a try , had I known it was going to be this good I would have bought it a long time back. It's really gentle and so far I love taking the pills and using the cream. My butt started picking up and getting larger in like 6 weeks.

Nancy Claire on
Booty Max is my best freind

I love it best product and I have used it in long time.